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I was just like everybody else… searching for a better way, wishing for a more inspired existence. And then, one life-changing afternoon in 2012, I discovered trading. I knew right then and there, that this was it.


I spent days, which turned into months, and eventually years, absorbing everything I possibly could. To say I lived and breathed trading wouldn’t be a stretch. I knew to master the markets, I had to give it my all. And after only 2 years of trading, I quit my 9-5 to focus solely on growing my capital. It was the best decision I ever made.


Then, once consistency was reached, it was time to share the love. And so was the birth of Live Trader. For 3 years I hosted webinar after webinar (to the tune of 1200 hours of live trading airtime), teaching hundreds of others my own personal strategies and holding nothing back. For to succeed on your own is empty- rising with others is true fulfillment.


Fast-forward to current day, and you can now find my ENTIRE trading plan and everything I’ve learned since 2012 housed in one single Trading MasterClass. And so, the journey continues…

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