Do you want more abundance?

I’ve created a Trading MasterClass to help thousands reach a state of ABUNDANCE through trading & investing.

Who is Irek Piekarski?


“It’s not just about trading and making money. It goes so much deeper than that. The market can teach you things about yourself you never expected… some of my most impactful life lessons were experienced during the past 7 years of my trading career. The journey itself is priceless.”


Irek urges his students to break through their limiting beliefs and rise above the noise. He teaches that life is limitless and everything we need is already within. To him, success in anything is all about committment, perseverance, and constant evolution.

Irek’s 7 years of trading experience has brought him on a personal development journey like no other. He spent over 10,000 hours on the charts, mastering trading and investing, but he also read hundreds of books, absorbing vast amounts of knowledge on topics such as human psychology, innovation, and spirituality.

Irek’s straight up, honest approach to the markets has made him one of the best mentors in the industry. He’s taught hundreds of people all over the world how to trade, invest, and open their minds to the possibilities.

You can learn directly from Irek’s online Trading MasterClass, or keep up with him on Instagram.