$SPY – Correction of the decade?

The facts are simple… it’s currently December 22nd, 2018, and the S&P 500 is down 10% year to date. This is the first down year since the last financial crisis of 2008.

The volatility is spiking, which tells us that fear is here… and probably staying. On top of that, in the last two weeks, we witnessed 5 billion dollars being withdrawn from various funds. It’s an interesting fact, and means that someone is pulling money, and pulling it fast.

And it’s not just the S&P 500, majority of sectors are currently experiencing bearish corrections. For a typical passive investor, the close of 2018 could put them in the first negative year since 2008. And not just by a couple percent…

The signs have been here for a while. And if you knew how to read them, you would have been well prepared to take advantage of this once in a decade opportunity… instead of sitting on your hands, watching your investment portfolio wither away as the market goes south.

Regardless, I hope you enjoyed the video above… It gives you a glimpse into how I view the current situation, and how I’ve also taken advantage. Either way, I know that volatility is staying, for now. Which means more of these short-term trading opportunities will be present. On top of that, we’re witnessing a massive correction for the first time in ten years… which, when finished (IMO) will present the best investing opportunities since the last crisis.

So, the time is now… You can sit on the sidelines, as the Average Joe would do, or get on the proper side of the curve and take advantage of what’s happening.

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