Ask Irek – Top Trading Questions

In this Q&A Webinar you’ll hear my thoughts on a myriad of different trading-related topics (listed below). It ran for about an hour and a half and many valuable insights were shared. 

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Questions Answered:


– Where are your originally from?
– Why did you leave the jungle & where are you living now?
– Do you still have mentors nowadays, and if so, who?
– How has meditation played into your life? Has it been beneficial for your work?


– I am a beginner and I’ve always been curious about the trading world… ‘Where do I start?’ Or ‘How do I start?’
– How much money could you start with and be successful in trading– I’d like an exact number if you could?
– How much time will it take to become consistent?
– What timeframes do you mostly focus on?
– What is the best advice you can provide to a 15/16 year old wanting to pursue forex?
– What’s your opinion on trading options?
– Can you go over your trading setup for us + your trading platforms (broker, charting software)?
– How much % do you risk per trade?
– Where should you start if you’re new to investing?
– Thoughts / advice on day trading cryptocurrency?


– What is the best way to make money from my laptop? I want to travel but still make an income.
– Will you ever retire from trading?
– Thoughts on the law of attraction?

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