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Irek has been working closely with traders of all styles and backgrounds for the last decade. He’s seen it all – from short-term traders, to long-term traders, to ‘hybrid traders’, and even to those who have absolutely no idea what kind of trader they are… or what kind of opportunities they should be focusing on. Irek understands this all too well, as he himself has navigated, dissected, and experienced all of these styles and more. He understands and cannot stress enough the importance of having a clear plan of action, by way of a mechanical trading plan. Once you have a plan clearly defined for yourself, it’s much easier to remove the unnecessary discretion from your trading (and therefore mitigate the likelihood of making emotional mistakes, time and time again).

Over the past year, Irek had the opportunity to personally mentor 10+ Trading MasterClass students, where he assisted them to define their trading style, and trading plan, throughout an intensive 3-4 month process. The changes in the traders’ mentality, and lessons learned throughout this period of time were astounding. Psychological issues were addressed, technical trading flaws were discovered, and a clear plan of action was created for each individual trader. Irek quickly recognized the immense value in this process, and was inspired to craft a similar program, but one that is more accessible to a wider audience.

Who is The Trading Blueprint suitable for?

  • Those who are dedicated to making trading a career… for the long-term
  • Individuals who already have trading knowledge & at least 6 months of fully committed experience (including journal data)
  • Those who have the desire to evolve their trading style & plan, as they themselves evolve!

Why is The Trading Blueprint beneficial?

  • This program will show you how to both build and continually refine your trading plans, as your knowledge and skills evolve 
  • Once you have rules and guidelines to follow, you will be less likely to make emotional mistakes, or apply unnecessary discretion
  • A systemized approach in trading is a must (i.e. treat trading as a business!)
  • This process will up-level you as a trader as you will take everything you have learned thus far, and integrate it into one cohesive plan

The Trading Blueprint is not suited for someone who is simply dabbling in trading. This is for those who have the desire to constantly evolve their trading knowledge, and for those who wish to understand how to move from one trading personality to another.

Trading MasterClass has everything you need in terms of technical trading knowledge, but you still must choose which trading style suits you best, and craft a proper trading plan accordingly. The Trading Blueprint will assist you to do just this based on various factors such as your prior trading history, lessons learned, your skillset, preferences, lifestyle, and emotions. Check out the full lesson plan below!


Season 1 – Know Yourself

This is where we get real with exactly who you are, and where you want to go. Once we identify this, we can then move forward and determine precisely what actions you need to take to get there. Do you need to raise capital? Average 5% per month for a period of time? Maybe you work a 9-5 and should consider a swing trader personality? This is the time to get real with yourself so that in the following lessons, we can map out a clear plan of action and move forward, unimpeded.

Lesson Plan:

  • Goals (what are you trying to achieve and why)
  • Current Lifestyle (this may help dictate your trader personality choice)
  • Identify Your Psychological Blockages (fear of execution, lack of belief)
  • Reflect on Trading History & Journey (the good, the bad, the failures, the lessons)
  • Reflect on Personal Development Journey (past/current routines, meditation practices)

Season 2 – Performance Review

This is where we get real with your trading. Based on your past historical trading data, you will learn how to identify repetitive mistakes, and determine the most important lessons/insights that can be utilized & applied moving forward. These important lessons will act as the backbone of your new trading plan and will help to craft rules and guidelines which you will follow moving forward (think more mechanical). We start fresh after this point, leaving the past behind, but carrying forth with us a vast array of new knowledge.

Lesson Plan:

  • Data Collection (brief refresher as you should already know how to journal & collect data)
  • Practical Journal Review (hands on, interactive lesson where you can follow along with Irek)
  • Identify the Lessons (utilize the data to find repeat patterns, consistent mistakes, where you’re applying too much discretion etc)
  • Irek’s Insights (major lessons & tips from Irek’s experience working 1:1 with traders in the past)

Season 3 – Trading Plan Creation

This is where you will really start to connect the dots. You will choose which trader personality is best suited for you based on your current lifestyle, and past trading history. And based on the trader personality you choose, you will learn how to create a proper blueprint for yourself (aka a trading plan), that is mechanical and perfectly crafted for you. This plan will allow you to remove discretion, and therefore may lessen the likelihood of major psychological / emotional errors taking place. This trading blueprint is the path forward, moving you closer to your next lifestyle upgrade, whatever that may be. In this module, Irek will make clear distinctions between the various styles and will give examples that apply to each.

Lesson Plan:

  • Trader Personalities (day trader, swing trader, hybrid, the curious, the investor)
  • Choosing your Starting Point (identification of trader personality)
  • Craft your Trading Plan (sections, rules, evolution)

Season 4 – Constant Evolution

This is where we plan the future. We will plan how to evolve your trading personality as you start to reach your goals and milestones. We will figure out how to adjust your trader personality as your lifestyle and life circumstances change throughout the years. This is where you will also learn how to do your monthly performance review, to stay accountable to your trading plan & personality moving forward.

Lesson Plan:

  • Trust Your Trading Plan (don’t make irrational changes without proof)
  • Performance Review (monthly exercise)
  • How to Evolve your Trader Personality (based on lifestyle/personal changes, market conditions, new knowledge learned)
  • Conclusion (final thoughts & next steps)

Event date: May 7, 2020

Season 5 – Final Live Q&A

As a special bonus, 2 weeks after the program concludes, Irek will host an open Q&A to answer any questions you may have about the Trading Blueprint and next steps.

Lesson Plan:

  • Open Q&A with Irek
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