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Trading MasterClass was first released in late August 2018 and has been making quantum jumps ever since! The company strongly believes in constant evolution, and is committed to providing the highest quality trading and investing education on the market. Trading MasterClass focuses on technical analysis, and teaches you how to trade various markets (including forex, stocks, and cryptocurrency) using mechanical strategies and management techniques.

Since 2012, the co-founder and CEO of Trading MasterClass, Irek Piekarski, has dedicated over 10,000 hours of his life to studying financial charts and learning about different markets. He is an expert technical analyst (with a very heavy focus on multi-timeframe analysis), and brings a big picture perspective to trading and investing.

Students of Trading MasterClass will be provided with over 80+ 4K video lessons, weekly live events with Irek and the team, and a community filled with hundreds of inspired, supportive individuals ready to welcome you into the world of Trading & Investing!

  • High resolution 4K video lessons
  • Includes day trading, swing trading, and ‘hybrid’ trading
  • Covers forex, equities, and cryptocurrency markets
  • 5 trading strategies and 3 management techniques provided
  • Suitable for both beginners, and experienced traders

The lessons are suitable for both beginners, and experienced traders. Everything from basic candlestick formations, to fibonacci, to Elliott Wave Theory, to multi-timeframe analysis is covered. Our 5 strategies are explained in depth with examples from various markets and our 3 management techniques are designed to fit your style, whether it be conservative, aggressive, or somewhere in-between. But we don’t just teach you these skills, we show you how to tie it all together!

  • Live weekly events (live trading, coaching sessions, market insights)
  • Monthly trade review videos provided
  • Resource library increases by 10+ hours each month

We host multiple live events each week, where you can ask trading and/or psychology related questions, and see first hand how our MC Instructors approach the markets! These sessions will give you invaluable exposure to live trading, and will show you how seasoned professionals create watchlists, perform technical analysis, and handle themselves in different market conditions. The events are recorded, so you can re-watch them at your leisure. We also provide monthly trade review videos to give you more exposure to the markets. The resource library increases by 10+ hours each month.

  • Made up of hundreds of like-minded, inspired individuals
  • Direct access to our Trading Support Team to answer any questions
  • Safe space to grow & learn together

The entire MC Team is involved in our private community, where traders of all ages and experiences come together to encourage one another and provide trading support. This exclusive space is where members can share trade ideas, request feedback, and chat with other traders. Our Trading Support Team is available to answer questions, beginner or advanced, and will help guide you throughout the trading journey. The MC community is made up of hundreds of hard-working, like-minded individuals – making the path to success that much more attainable. 


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This is lesson 33 out of over 80 lessons within Trading MasterClass! This particular lesson focuses on multi-timeframe analysis, one of the most important concepts you will learn, and one that we will reference over and over again. Please keep in mind that once you become a member you will start at the very beginning (with lesson 1) before moving into complex concepts such as multi-timeframe analysis.

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$ 199 paid monthly
  • 80+ video lessons
  • 100+ hours of content
  • 5 day/swing trading strategies
  • 3 trade management techniques
  • Market Insights
  • Live Weekly Events
  • Trade review videos
  • Members community and chat room
  • Monthly Q&A sessions