Why Every Trader Should Meditate

It’s been almost two years since Irek and I adopted a daily meditation practice. And truly, it’s been one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.

Life really started to take off for us once we gained more clarity, patience, and awareness through meditation. One simple daily act can transform your life (including your trading performance) and assist you in reaching higher levels. It really is that simple…

So, why should every trader meditate?

Here are just a few compelling reasons:

  • heightened sense of awareness
  • laser focus when checking charts
  • calmer state of being overall
  • more patience to let your setups play out
  • clarity of purpose as to why you’re following this path
  • less edgy, and more accepting in general
  • boost in self-confidence, in trading and in life  
  • know yourself on a deeper level (this translates to your trading)
  • less likely to make emotional decisions
  • reduced stress levels
  • useful as a manifestation tool

As a Trader, it is up to you to keep your emotions in check. And what better way than to allocate some time each day for yourself, to quiet down and clear your mind… Every morning before Irek jumps on the charts, he does a short 15-20 minute meditation, to get into peak state. This is what enables him to be ‘cool as a cucumber’ on the charts, as so many of his past students have said. Irek also uses meditation as a powerful manifestation tool, aligning him to the vibration of abundance. 

Now, keep in mind, we are all different and unique individuals, so our meditation practices don’t have to look the same… You can experiment with many different forms of meditation such as: seated, silent, walking, guided, Qigong, yoga nidra, the list goes on.

Whatever you do, just make sure it works for you and is sustainable. Also understand that just like trading, creating a meditation practice takes discipline. You have to show up, every day (or as often as possible), to truly reap the benefits.

Here are some resources that may assist:

Choose to experiment with whatever tools resonate with you… But remember, all you really need is your beautiful self and some alone time! It doesn’t have to be any more complicated than that.

Lastly, I just wanted to mention that it’s completely normal as we become more in tune with ourselves on a soul level to have metaphysical experiences… These can range from things such as: past life recall, astral projection, out of body experiences, lucid dreaming etc. Don’t be alarmed- these experiences are simply proof that we are so much more than our physical bodies. 

I wish you massive success in trading and in life.


Molly Piekarski

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